Over the next few months (and years), I shall be updating this page with links to all my favourite recipes.  But for now, please peruse, enjoy, browse, experiment with my attempts at culinary happiness below:


Poached egg with asparagus, spinach and mushrooms


Broccoli and Ricotta Quiche with a Potato Crust

Carrot, Fennel and Quinoa salad

Bubble and Squeak



Vietnamese mushroom dumplings in a noodle broth

Purple carrot spaghetti



Slow Roast Ratatouille with Feta

Butternut squash gnocchi

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Leak and broad bean risotto

Lentil Dahl

Ho Chi Kim: Cucumber, Mango and Green Bean Rice Noodle Salad

Thai curry aubergine boats and sticky rice

Pea and mint potatoes with a poached egg

5 Bean Medley with Grilled Hallumi

Courgette, Sugar snap and Mango stir fry

Mushroom Biryani

Macaroni cheese with a twist

Aubergine Tandoori Kebabs

Bubble and Squeak

Mexican Summer Salad (with corn on the cob)


Sides and snacks

Sweet potato and pea samosas

Sweet Potato Chips

Sun dried tomatoes

Dry roasted chickpeas

Vegetable crisps


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