When I need a bit of inspiration for what to cook (or simply a spot of distraction) there are a couple of places I can rely on to get those salivary glands a-flowin’ and the taste buds a-ticklin’.  Although if you are anything like me, once you click through onto these sites, you can enter a loop hole in the time-space continuum and easily lose half an afternoon. A heap of great wheat-free and meat-free recipes, including a great weekly email rounding up a smattering of recipes from the blogosphere 101 Cookbooks: A very good recipe journal, great for new ideas and taste bud ticklers A gluten free cooking blog with plenty of taste bud ticklers The ultimate in food porn to be quite honest with you.  Hoards of mouth-watering pictures and you can easily filter to find the type of food you want



Obviously I can’t spend all my time dribbling down my chin looking at all these food sites, or in my kitchen attempting to create a taste sensation, so I do find myself dabbling in a spot of light sightseeing, or mild socialising.  As a resident of the beautiful and diverse Big Smoke, the possibilities for things to do are practically endless.



And now for something completely different:


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