River Cottage and Dorset

9 Jun
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River Cottage and Dorset, a set on Flickr.

Whilst exploring the Dorset countryside, we decided to take a break from the incessant rain in Axminster. Home to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s River Cottage Canteen. I’d heard great things, but Hugh hadn’t got round to inviting me so I took it upon myself to pop in.

As you may expect from the campaigns and petitions Hugh has been involved in, the deli, canteen and shop are packed full of local and seasonal produce. Lettuce leaves from Park Farm and beetroot, carrots, asparagus, etc from local producers. These are all showcased alongside a plethora of local Dorset, Devon and Somerset Cheeses. I’d also bet my bottom dollar that the fish and seafood is caught a few short miles away on the coast, and the meat sourced from local farms. That Hugh and his ever diminishing carbon footprint!

Just walking through the door is enough to tickle your taste buds, with fresh pasties, pies and bakery goods wafting their luscious aromas around you. On closer inspection I find freshly baked gluten free bread (honestly priced and good enough to rival the best on the supermarket shelves), and gluten free pasties. What a shocker! This is my first dabble into gluten free pastry and I was not disappointed.

We couldn’t fault the staff. They were very friendly and chatty, which is just as well because we were waiting for about an hour for a table during lunch service (it was bucketing it down outside, what else were we going to do?!)

They also informed us of the true River Cottage experience:

Eat loads, then buy loads more and eat it at home afterwards.

Check out my photo roll for more details.


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